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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How often do you update information on the website? How often is the MasterList updated?
A. Some projects receive more attention than others, but data is added to the website every day. New releases are added to the online database every few months. The downloadable MasterLists are usually updated twice a year.
Q. When will you be adding *FILL IN THE BLANK* to the website?
A. I do not have a set schedule for adding new comics, features, and/or content to the site. I spend dozens of hours each week on the site, and I juggle a variety of projects. Check the Facebook page for news on major updates.
Q. Do you have any information on other publishers? Do you know of other websites for these publishers?
A. I have created a series of sub-sections for individual publishers. Use the site selector in the upper left to pick the publisher of your choice. Information on more than a dozen smaller publishers can also be found in the database. Use the find a comic tool and select the desired publisher from the drop-down list. To find comics from all publishers, leave the publisher option blank.
Q. Where did the release dates on your site originate?
A. See Fanboy for a full explanation.
Q. Did you build the website yourself?
A. Yes. I am a professional web developer. The design, code and content for the site was created by me. This is entirely a solo project.
Q. How much are my comics worth?
A. I do not concern myself with comic book values. Consult a comic dealer (online or at a comic store) or visit eBay.
Q. Do you still buy comics?
A. Yes. I purchase DC back issues on a regular basis. See my Want List for the list of what I'm looking for.
Q. I have comics on your Want List. Do you want to buy them?
A. I rarely buy comics from individuals. If you have comics that I want, email the list to me including the condition of the book(s) and the price you are looking to receive. I am only interested in comics on the Want List. I will likely respond to your email only if I am interested in the books you are offering. I primarily buy complete low grade books at discount prices.
Q. I sent you an email and did not get a response. Why not?
A. I work full time and devote most of my free time to building content for this site. As a result, I don't have time to respond to every email that I receive. I do read all my mail, but please don't be offended if you don't hear back from me.

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