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Aquaman #32

Publisher: DC
Cover Date: Mar/Apr 1967
On Sale Date: January 3, 1967
Cover Price: $0.12
Page Count: 32
Circulation: 228773
Editor: George Kashdan

Cover Credits:
Artist: Nicholas Peter Cardy

"Tryton the Terrible"
(24 page story)

Feature: Aquaman (of Earth-1)

Writer: Bob Haney
Artist: Nicholas Peter Cardy

Reprinted In:
Showcase Presents Aquaman Vol. 3 TPB (2009)

Feature Character(s):

Supporting Character(s):


Other Character(s):

Atlantis is rocked by an undersea earthquake. Following the catastrophe, Aquaman inspects the damage and sees a stampede of frightened fish. Aquababy is nearly trampled, but Topo rescues him. Continuing to investigate the disturbance, Aquaman is grabbed by a giant hand and held out of water. Mera tries to rescue him using a giant hand made of hard water, but fails. The hand releases Aquaman, just before he reaches his critical time limit out of water.

Aquaman searches the area and finds a building half-buried in a fissure. The building is the lab of ancient Altantean scientist Dr. Tryton. The scientist was responsible for constructing the dome that saved Atlantis prior to the city's sinking. To do so, he turned himself into a giant. When Atlantis sank Tryton was buried and now has returned to life.

The giant hands return and throw Aquaman into another chamber, where he finds a undetonated nuclear missile. Aquaman deduces that Tryton was trying to warn him about the missile and caused the quake to get attention. The Ocean Master arrives to steal the missile. Aquaman disarms it, but he won't fight his half-brother. Tryton stops the Ocean Master from getting away with the missile, but in so doing the bomb detonates. Tryton is killed, but Atlantis is saved.

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