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PublisherComicStoryRoleCover Date
DCAction Comics #821Superman: "Worship False Gods"PencillerJanuary 2005
DCBatman #646Batman: "Supply Side Economics"PencillerDecember 2005
DCBatman Annual #25Batman: "Daedalus and Icarus the Return of Jason Todd"PencillerMay 2006
DCDC Universe:Origins TPBCaptain Marvel: "The Origin of Captain Marvel"Penciller 2010
DCFinal Crisis:Rage of the Red Lanterns #1Green Lantern: "Blood Feud"PencillerDecember 2008
DCJustice League of America #8Justice League: "Lightning Lad"PencillerJune 2007
DCJustice League of America #25Justice League: "The Best Lack All Conviction"PencillerNovember 2008
DCJustice League of America #31Justice League: "Crisis of Confidence"PencillerMay 2009
DCLegends of the Dark Knight 100-Page Super Spectacular #3Batman: "Break the Mold"Writer/PencillerAugust 2014
MarvelMarvel Age:Spider-Man #13Spider-Man: "The Grotesque Adventure of the Green Goblin"PencillerDecember 2004
MarvelMarvel Age:Spider-Man #15Spider-Man: "Duel with Daredevil"PencillerJanuary 2005
DCMystery in Space #1Captain Comet: "Eschatology"PencillerNovember 2006
DCMystery in Space #2Captain Comet: "A Question of Resurrection"PencillerDecember 2006
DCMystery in Space #3Captain Comet: "Weird and Weirder"PencillerJanuary 2007
DCMystery in Space #4Captain Comet: "Going Dark"PencillerFebruary 2007
DCMystery in Space #5Captain Comet: "Holy Warriors"PencillerMarch 2007
DCMystery in Space #7Captain Comet: "Ultimatum"PencillerMay 2007
DCNightwing #88Nightwing: "Flurry"PencillerFebruary 2004
DCRobin #110Robin: "Emptying the Nest"PencillerMarch 2003
MarvelSpider-Man Team-Up Special #1Spider-Man/Fantastic Four: "The Menace of Monster Isle"PencillerMay 2005
DCSuperman/Batman #44Superman/Batman: "Strange Favor"PencillerFebruary 2008
DCSuperman/Batman #45Superman/Batman: "Known Deposits"PencillerMarch 2008
DCSuperman/Batman #46Superman/Batman: "Varietals"PencillerApril 2008
DCSuperman/Batman #47Superman/Batman: "WSDs"PencillerJune 2008
DCSuperman/Batman #48Superman/Batman: "All-American"PencillerJuly 2008
DCSuperman/Batman #49Superman/Batman: "Cache"PencillerAugust 2008
DCSuperman/Batman #75Superman/Batman: "Night and Day"PencillerOctober 2010
DCSuperman:Earth One Vol. 1 HCSuperman: "Earth One"Penciller 2010
DCSuperman:Earth One Vol. 2 HCSuperman: "Earth One"Penciller 2012
DCWonder Woman #201Wonder Woman: "Ripples"PencillerApril 2004

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