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Mister Miracle #1 Mar/Apr 1971
"Murder Missile Trap"

Mister Miracle #2 May/Jun 1971

Mister Miracle #3 Jul/Aug 1971
"The Paranoid Pill"

Mister Miracle #4 Sep/Oct 1971
"The Closing Jaws of Death"

Mister Miracle #5 Nov/Dec 1971
"Murder Machine"
"Young Scott Free"

Mister Miracle #6 Jan/Feb 1972
"Funky Flashman"
"Young Scott Free"

New Gods #7 Feb/Mar 1972
"The Pact"

Mister Miracle #7 Mar/Apr 1972
"Apokolips Trap"
"Young Scott Free"

Mister Miracle #8 May/Jun 1972
"The Battle of the Id"

Mister Miracle #9 Jul/Aug 1972

Mister Miracle #10 Sep/Oct 1972
"The Mister Miracle to Be"

Mister Miracle #11 Nov/Dec 1972
"The Greatest Show Off Earth"

Mister Miracle #12 Jan/Feb 1973

Mister Miracle #13 Mar/Apr 1973
"The Dictator's Dungeon"

Mister Miracle #14 Jun/Jul 1973
"The Quick and the Dead"

Mister Miracle #15 Aug/Sep 1973
"The Secret Gun"

Mister Miracle #16 Oct/Nov 1973
"Shilo Norman, Super Trouble"

Mister Miracle #17 Dec/Jan 1973
"Murder Lodge"

Mister Miracle #18 Feb/Mar 1974
"Wild Wild Wedding Guests"

Brave and the Bold #112 Apr/May 1974
"The Impossible Escape"

1st Issue Special #13 April 1976
"Lest Night Fall Forever"

Brave and the Bold #128 July 1976
"Death by the Ounce"

Mister Miracle #19 September 1977
"It's All in the Mine"

Mister Miracle #20 October 1977

Brave and the Bold #138 November 1977
"Mile High Tombstone"

Mister Miracle #21 December 1977
"Command Performance"

Mister Miracle #22 February 1978
"Midnight of the Gods"

Mister Miracle #23 April 1978
"As Ethos is My Judge..."

Mister Miracle #24 June 1978

Mister Miracle #25 Aug/Sep 1978
"Doom Unto Others..."

DC Comics Presents #12 August 1979
"Winner Take Metropolis"

Justice League of America #183 October 1980
"Where Have All the New Gods Gone?"

Justice League of America #184 November 1980
"Apokolips Now"

Justice League of America #185 December 1980
"Darkseid Rising"

Mister Miracle


Name: Mister Miracle (Earth-1)
Alter Ego: Scott Free
Occupation: Escape Artist
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Barda (wife), Izaya (father), Avia (mother, deceased)
Group Affiliation: New Gods
Base of Operations: Supertown and America
Height: 6 ft. Weight: 185 lbs.
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue
First Appearance: Mister Miracle #1


Mister Miracle is the son of Izaya, who is now known as Highfather, ruler of the New Gods of the planet New Genesis, and his wife Avia, who was murdered by Steppenwolf of the planet Apokolips. To seal the pact that lead to a temporary end to the war between the two planets, Highfather gave Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips, custody of his son, while Highfather took custody of Darkseid's son Orion. Darkseid gave Izaya's son to Granny Goodness, who named him Scott Free and raised him in her "orphanage", where she trained him to become an aerotrooper warrior.

Metron of New Genesis lead Scott to Himon, the visionary scientist who opposed Darkseid's tyranny. Himon encouraged Scott to flee Apokolips, and one day, aided by his friend Big Barda, a fellow student at Granny Goodness's orphanage, he did. Scott declared his determination to be an individual, not just a pawn of Darkseid's, and escaped to Earth through an interdimensional "boom tube" created for him by Himon and Metron. Scott's escape broke the pact, and Darkseid renewed his war with New Genesis.

On Earth Scott was befriended by the aged Thaddeus Brown, who was preparing to come out of retirement as the costumed master escape artist Mister Miracel. The gangster Steel Hand had Brown killed, and Scott avenged Brown's death by assuming the guise of Mister Miracle, bringing Steel Hand to justice. Helped by Brown's assistant Oberon, Scott began a career as the new Mister Miracle, using the advanced science of the New Gods to perform spectacular escapes.

Darkseid's minions tried repeatedly to kill Scott, but he finally won his right to freedom through trial by combat on Apokolips. He has since married Barda, who also escaped to Earth. They went to live in New Genesis's Supertown but still return to Earth at times.


Despite previous accounts, Mister Miracle has no known super-powers. He relies on his amazing technological devices, many of which he conceals in his costume, and above all on his sharp wits. Mister Miracle is a master escape artist, rivaled in skill only by Batman. Mister Miracle is also an Olympic-level athlete and a superb hand-to-hand combatant.

Mister Miracle's principal device is his sentient computer called a Mother Box, which he wears on his shoulder, and which can perform various feats. He can fly by standing atop his aero-discs. He also carries a small "multi-cube" instrument that performs various functions, such as firing a laser beam and ejecting a long steel cable.

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