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Appearances in Order of Publication

Leading Comics #1 Winter 1941
"Blueprint for Crime"

Leading Comics #2 Spring 1942
"Beware, the Black Star Shines"

Leading Comics #3 Summer 1942
"The Tyrants of Time"

Leading Comics #4 Fall 1942
"The Sense Master"

Leading Comics #5 Winter 1942
"The Miracles That Money Couldn't Buy"

Leading Comics #6 Spring 1943
"The Treasure That Time Forgot"

Leading Comics #7 Summer 1943
"Wizard of Wisstark"

Leading Comics #8 Fall 1943
"Exiles in Time"

Leading Comics #9 Winter 1943
"The Chameleon of Crime"

Leading Comics #10 Spring 1944
"King of the Hundred Isles"

Leading Comics #11 Summer 1944
"The Hard-Luck Hat"

Leading Comics #12 Fall 1944
"Million Dollar Challenge"

Leading Comics #13 Winter 1945
"Trophies of Crime"

Leading Comics #14 Spring 1945
"The Bandits from the Books"

Justice League of America #100 August 1972
"The Unknown Soldier of Victory"

Justice League of America #101 September 1972
"The Hand That Shook the World"

Justice League of America #102 October 1972
"And One of Us Must Die"

Adventure Comics #438 Mar/Apr 1975
"Land of Magic"

Adventure Comics #439 May/Jun 1975
"Father Time's Inn"

Adventure Comics #440 Jul/Aug 1975
"Kings Make a Full House"

Adventure Comics #441 Sep/Oct 1975
"Dead End Animals"

Adventure Comics #442 Nov/Dec 1975
"Gnome Man's Land"

Adventure Comics #443 Jan/Feb 1976

All-Star Squadron #29 January 1984
"A Man Called Doome"

All-Star Squadron #31 March 1984
"Uncle Sam Wants You"

All-Star Squadron #32 April 1984
"Crisis on Earth-X the Prequel"

Infinity Inc. #11 February 1985
"Aftermath -- and Prologue"

Crisis on Infinite Earths #5 August 1985
"Worlds in Limbo"

All-Star Squadron #53 January 1986
"Worlds in Turmoil"

All-Star Squadron #56 April 1986
"The Sinister Secret of the Sixth Sense"

All-Star Squadron #59 July 1986
"Out of the Ashes... Mekanique"

All-Star Squadron #60 August 1986
"The End of the Beginning"

Seven Soldiers of Victory


Name: Seven Soldiers of Victory (Earth-2)
First Appearance: Leading Comics #1


The Seven Soldiers of Victory, also known as the Law’s Legionnaires, are a team of costumed "mystery-men" who were principally active during the 1940s.

In 1941 a criminal mastermind known as the Hand was told that he was gravely ill and had less than a month to live. The Hand decided to make the world remember him long after his death by giving his greatest, unused plans for crimes to other criminals to commit for him. He sent these plans to the Dummy, the Needle, Big Caesar, Professor Merlin, and the Red Dragon, whom he called "the Hand’s Five Fingers." Then the Hand challenged the heroes known as the Crimson Avenger, the original Green Arrow and Speedy, the Shining Knight, the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy, and the original Vigilante to stop them.

Thus the Vigilante fought and bested the Dummy for the first time, and the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy again defeated their old for the Needle. The other heroes likewise overcame their opponents. The Hand decided to kill the heroes himself, and invited them to his home, which was filled with traps. The Hand then learned from a doctor that a surgeon had just discovered a means of curing him. Now the Hand realized he had to defeat the heroes so he could live out the rest of his life without being in prison.

During the ensuing battle the Hand aimed a "lightning-ray" machine at the heroes. The Vigilante shot the machine down, and the Hand was seemingly killed by electrocution as a result. After their victory, the Shining Knight proposed that they become a regular team. Thus the seven "mystery-men" became the Seven Soldiers of Victory; the Crimson Avenger’s aide Wing became the unofficial "eighth Soldier." All eight Soldiers also became members of the wartime All-Star Squadron.

Years later, after the Seven Soldiers had worked on many cases together, they battled a strange and immensely powerful being called the Nebula-Man. Wing sacrificed his life to defeat the Nebula-Man with a weapon called the nebula-rod. The tremendous forces released in this climactic battle hurled the Seven Soldiers into different time periods in Earth’s past. Decades later, members of the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America went back in time to rescue the Soldiers and bring them back to the League’s and Society’s own present time. The Seven Soldiers had only spent a comparatively brief time in these past time periods. Hence, when the JLA and JSA members brought the Soldiers to recent times, the Soldiers were only a little older than they were when they left the 20th century.

Since the Seven Soldiers’ return, the Crimson Avenger met a heroic death. The remaining Soldiers assembled for the Crimson Avenger’s funeral services, but they no longer work together as a team.

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